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Please complete the following questions and give us all the details you can about your planned room addition or expansion. The more you know and tell us at this stage, the better we can estimate the cost for you.

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*Even after filling out the information on the form below we cannot provide accurate quotes without having a picture of your project area. Quote requests with pictures of the project area will be answered first.

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1. You have seen our various styles of sunrooms. Bearing in mind that we custom design your room from this starting point, which design do you prefer?
Conservative Gable
Natural Arch
Tudor Arch
Gable Arch
Sea Breeze
Pool Enclosure
2. What size room are you planning?     x
3. On which side of your home will you add the new room?
Eave Side           Gable Side          Other/Where?
4. Select what style windows you would prefer:
Double Hung
If you have a particular window in mind that is not shown here, please describe in full detail here:
5.Skylights are our most asked for option. They not only provide added light (Including moonlight!), they are an excellent method of ventilation.

How many would you like?
6. Select what style door you would prefer:
Sliding Patio
Swing Patio
If you have a particular type of door in mind that is not shown here, please describe it in full detail:
7. Most homeowners prefer natural wood interior siding to other wall materials. You may either purchase locally or we will supply it for you. Our sidings are 1 x 6 tongue and groove dimensional lumber. Choose:
Knotty Pine          Western Red Cedar
8. Our sunscreens cut down dramatically on extra heat by filtering out the sun's rays in the hottest weather. Composed of anodized bronze aluminum framing around silver gray screening, they come in sizes to fit the front solar windows of your sun room.

The ultra-fine mesh only slightly reduces outward visibility, while offering 70 percent reduction of the sun's ultraviolet rays. These remarkably useful components go up quick as a wink in the spring and come down just as effortlessly in the fall.

How many would you like?
9. As of the moment, which "package" do you think you would prefer?
DIY Starter Kit          Starter Kit w/roof          Room Package
Please add any comments or particulars that you would like us to consider:

10. WAIT! BEFORE YOU HIT SUBMIT, PLEASE DON'T FORGET to email or mail a photo of your project area, as this will help us to provide you with a more accurate quote. Quote requests with pictures of the project area will be answered first.

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