Custom-Designed Sunroom and Solarium Kits

Sunroom Living produces superior quality sunrooms and solariums kits since 1995. Every Sunroom Living kit is assembled by skilled craftsmen in our Auburn, MA factory. Our sunrooms and solariums kits are composed of solid wood beams and are optimized for year-round living, keeping you comfortable during the cold winter and hottest summer months.

Our sunrooms and solariums often become the centerpiece of a home. Each custom sunroom or solarium is uniquely designed to fit the current or new space and fully customizable to achieve almost any imaginable vision. Our experienced, in-house Designers will work closely with you to bring your all-season sunroom or solarium addition from concept to reality.

Designing Your Sunroom or Solarium

1. Choose Your Sunroom or Solarium Style

Features wooden beams that stretch straight up, from floor to ceiling, framing extra-wide panels of crystal-clear glass. 
Features wooden beams that stretch straight up, from floor to ceiling, framing extra-wide panels of crystal-clear glass. 
Wooden arches slope up from both sides to a raised center beam for a cathedral ceiling effect. 
Features curved wooden beams and broad expanses of angled glass to admit the most possible sunlight from the low winter sun but reflect the same sunlight in the summer. 

Sea Breeze

Features wooden beams which stretch straight up, from floor to ceiling, framing windows, doors or solid panels of glass. 

Tudor Arch

Features the beauty of our dramatic arches with the classic lines of vertical glass walls. 

2. Determine the Size of Your Sunroom or Solarium

Measure the depth, width and height of the space that will accommodate your new sunroom or solarium. Our kits are available in standard sizes to maximum cost efficiency. Custom sizes and designs can often by accommodated, and an in-house Designer can evaluate the feasibility of non-standard dimensions.

Standard Sunroom Depths, Widths and Heights

  • Depths: 8' 0", 10' 1", 12' 1", 14" 1", 16' 1-1/4"

  • Widths: 9' 2", 13' 2", 18' 2", 17" 2", 21' 2", 25' 2", 26' 2", 29' 2", 31" 2". Typically, the wooden beams are 4' or 5' on center.

  • Height: Most sunrooms are approximately 10' to 11' high at the attachment point.

The feasibility of non-standard dimensions can be evaluated by our in-house Designers, and custom-designed sunroom kits can be designed and assembled to fit your unique space.

3. Determine the Sunroom Kit Package Right for Your Project

Our sunroom kits are provided as easy to assemble section and are perfect for the do-it-yourselfer. Your kit package will include all top-quality components, as well as pre-assembled sections. We offer several kit packages with various pre-assembled components to fix your needs.

  • Complete Room Kit Package

  • Starter Kit with Roof System

  • Starter Kit

4. Pick the Options and Extras Sunroom Living Offers with our Kits

Venting Windows

Opening or stationary skylights can be added to the roof.  
Venting windows can be placed into the kneewall
Sunscreens can be installed in glass panels in Natural Arch sunroom kits. 

Welcome the Sun… Let Our Sunrooms Bring the Outside In

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