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Find answers to all your sunroom kit questions. Explore FAQs on customization, installation, durability, and more. Transform your home with Sunroom Living's premium kits.

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Looking to enjoy the sun while avoiding the mosquitoes, unpredictable weather, and other irritations that diminish your outdoor experience? Consider building a sunroom from one of our DIY kits. With ample windows to let natural light pour in, sunrooms create a summer-like atmosphere, no matter the weather. Say goodbye to outdoor nuisances, and embrace the joy of sun-filled relaxation.


Sunrooms offer a versatile space within your home, perfect for enjoying your morning coffee, reading, or simply basking in the sunlight. It seamlessly combines the advantages of being outdoors with the convenience and comfort of being indoors.


DIY sunroom kits make it even easier to add a sunroom to your home. These kits come with all the necessary parts, including windows and frames. The greatest advantage is that you don’t need professional building skills to assemble it. The instructions provided are clear and straightforward, making the process similar to building a huge LEGO set. As a result, the process of building a sunroom kit is fun and rewarding, enhancing your home and providing a delightful space to savor the sunshine.

Here are the top reasons why opting for a DIY kit can be a great choice:


: DIY sunroom kits present a notably budget-friendly alternative to the higher expenses of a contractor-built sunroom. This is due to lower labor costs, as well as the use of pre-cut materials, since they reduce waste. Furthermore, these kits are designed to minimize the need for specialized tools and materials, which can further drive up the cost of custom builds. This doesn’t even account for the increase in property value that a sunroom kit promises, truly making these kits a cost-effective investment for your home.

Time efficiency

: Saved time is a key advantage of using a DIY sunroom kit, both for homeowners undertaking the project themselves and for those who opt to hire a contractor. For customers looking to assemble the kits themselves, the need for time-consuming coordination with contractors is eliminated. The kits come with clear instructions and prefabricated components, simplifying the assembly and installation process. This means you can have your sunroom up and ready for enjoyment much quicker than going through a contractor. Even if you hire a contractor, there are still benefits to purchasing a DIY kit. These kits are designed for ease of assembly, which means even professional builders can put them together more efficiently compared to custom-built sunrooms. Contractors can quickly navigate the straightforward instructions and well-organized parts, leading to a faster and more cost-effective construction.

Ease of construction

Ease of construction is a hallmark of DIY sunroom kits, especially those offered by our company. Our kits are meticulously designed for straightforward assembly, catering to individuals with a range of construction skills – from novices to more experienced builders. The inclusion of user-friendly instructions and pre-engineered components ensures that the construction process is manageable, without sacrificing the structural integrity or aesthetic appeal of the sunroom.

Our website details the variety of sunroom kits available, each tailored to meet different needs and expertise levels:

· Starter Sunroom Kit: Ideal for those starting out, this kit includes wood beams, insulated glass panels, prebuilt knee walls, roof decking in 2′ x 6′ tongue and groove sections, and all necessary hardware and fixtures for attachment to the wall and foundation. While it includes stainless steel screws, bolts, fasteners, instructions, and architectural drawings, it does not cover the exterior, shingles, sidewalls, and roofing.

· Starter Sunroom Kit with Roof System: This kit builds upon the Starter Kit by adding a fully insulated roof system, prepared in 2′ x 6′ tongue and groove. It contains all the components of the Starter Kit, providing a more comprehensive package for those looking to include a roof in their project. This kit, however, does not include the exterior, shingles, and sidewalls.

· Complete Sunroom Kit Package: Our most comprehensive option, this package includes everything in the Starter Kit with Roof System, plus prebuilt sidewalls in easy-to-assemble sections, rough openings for doors and windows, and a fully insulated roof system. This kit is perfect for those looking for a more complete build, though it doesn’t include the exterior and shingles.

Each of these packages is custom-manufactured to fit the specific home it’s installed on, ensuring a perfect match and an easier installation process. By offering these tailored options, our sunroom kits provide a simplified, accessible approach to adding a beautiful and functional sunroom to your home, accommodating a wide range of construction abilities and project scopes.

Sense of accomplishment

: Embarking on a DIY sunroom project can be an exciting and rewarding experience. Instead of hiring professionals, you get to take charge and build a space that fits your unique style and preferences. You’ll have the satisfaction of seeing every step of the project through: from planning the layout, to selecting the materials, to measuring and cutting everything just right.

As you work on the sunroom, you’ll see it gradually taking shape, with walls going up and windows being added. Before you know it, you’ll have a beautiful new room that lets in lots of natural light and provides great views of the outdoors. Knowing that you created a space that’s both functional and beautiful is a great feeling. You’ll have a special place in your home that you built from the ground up, and you’ll have gained valuable experience along the way. So don’t be afraid to take on this challenge – it’s well worth the effort!


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Find answers to all your sunroom kit questions. Explore FAQs on customization, installation, durability, and more. Transform your home with Sunroom Living’s premium kits.

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