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Find answers to all your sunroom kit questions. Explore FAQs on customization, installation, durability, and more. Transform your home with Sunroom Living's premium kits.

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Sunroom Kit Questions & Answers - Sunroom Kits Provider

Comprehensive Sunroom Kit FAQs! Learn about package contents, customization options, functionality and comfort, quality and durability, installation tips, legal considerations, and pricing details.

Essential Information

What is included in a sunroom kit package?
Sunroom Living offers three different kit packages. A customer may purchase our Starter Sunroom Kit, which includes laminated beams, solar glass panels, and knee walls. Our Starter Sunroom Kit with Roof System offers a complete roof system with your kit, and the Complete Sunroom Kit Package comes with end walls, completing the full room package.

How much will it cost to ship my sunroom kit to me?
Shipping is determined at the time of sale. Generally, it is 10% of the cost for the room. All of our rooms are shipped in a box truck/trailer directly to your home.

How long does it typically take to install a sunroom kit?
Our kits can be installed in as quickly as 1-2 days. The foundation is not included and will need to be in place before the room is installed. Additional finish work will be required after installation.

Customization and Design

Can you customize the sunroom kit to fit my specific needs?
Our rooms are completely customizable and can be modified to fit almost any look that you are interested in. Our designers will work side by side with you until you have a sunroom that matches your vision.

Can you explain the differences between a Lean-To sunroom and an A-Frame sunroom?

A Lean-To sunroom leans against your home’s structure with a single-sloped roof, offering a modern and streamlined appearance. 

An A-Frame sunroom features a classic triangular roof that resembles the letter “A”. This timeless design suits various home styles, providing an open interior feel.

What type of sunroom is best suited for my home?
We offer Lean-To and A-Frame style rooms. We can create a room that fits on either the eave or gable side of your home. Our experienced designers will work with you to find the best type of sunroom kit for your home.

What color options are available for sunroom kits?
All of our rooms are made with Southern Yellow Pine. Every laminated piece of wood comes unfinished. We use water-based paints, stains and polyurethanes, and for an additional charge, we’ll finish the interior of your room to match a color of your choosing. White PVC or Mahogany exterior trim is provided with all packages.

Functionality and Comfort

Will the sunroom get hot? How can I regulate the temperature?
The Split Silver Titanium molecules in Sunroom Living’s glass reflects the sun’s rays in the summer and absorb them in the winter, keeping your room’s temperature regulated. Since our sunrooms are considered additions, we suggest air conditioning this room like any other in your house. Homeowners often use heat pumps for their heating and cooling needs.

Can I heat and/or cool my sunroom using standard HVAC systems?
Since our kits are Category V sunrooms, you are allowed (by code) to connect your existing HVAC system to your sunroom.

Are blinds necessary for sunrooms to control sunlight and heat?
If you are someone who likes blinds in their windows then we would suggest getting them for your sunroom. The direction the room is facing will play a large part in how much direct sunlight the room gets and also play a role in the need for shades or blinds. Sunscreens can be purchased that will offer shade to the room without the need for blinds.

Can I add electric outlets to the sunroom for convenience?
All of our knee wall and end walls come framed but unfinished, allowing you to run any necessary electrical wiring during the assembly of the room.

How do I properly clean and maintain the sunroom?
We recommend purchasing a professional glass cleaner from a hardware store, which attaches to a hose and allows you to wash and clean places that you normally would be unable to reach. The interior wood may need to be dusted and cleaned once or twice a year. No special chemicals are needed to maintain the beauty of our sunrooms.

Quality and Durability

Why is Insulating glass preferred for sunroom kits over standard glass?
Sunrooms often have very large sections of glass, which limits the amount of insulation that can be placed in the room. For this reason, we use insulating glass, which helps heat and cool the room throughout the year. Sunroom Living glass incorporates Split Silver Titanium, which has molecules that reflect sunlight during the hot summer months, yet allow the room to be comfortable temperature on a freezing cold day in the winter. Low-E infused glass, as well as a UV filter and bronze tinting, further help regulate temperatures and cut down on glare.

Are your sunroom kits designed to prevent leaks?
Many sunroom companies skimp on the glazing for their glass, which results in seal failures. The right glazing is essential to creating a water-tight room. Sunroom Living uses high quality, commercial silicone which has a membrane that remains flexible, wet or dry. This is the same glass technology used in skyscrapers. For any exterior mold growth that you find, use denatured alcohol.

What materials are used in the production of your sunroom kits?
Sunroom Living uses high-quality Southern Yellow Pine for all of its laminated pieces. Our lamination process involves a low-VOC epoxy resin. The highly sustainable wood is hard and dense, and when laminated it’s ten times stronger than an unlaminated piece of the same size. We work with leading window and doors companies in the country to provide you with the highest quality parts for your sunroom.

Are your sunroom kits suitable for year-round use (3 or 4 seasons)?
Sunroom Living only makes all-wood year-round sunrooms. Our sunroom kits are engineered to meet local building codes and can be used as an all-year round room, no matter the location it is installed. We are one of the few sunroom kit companies that offers a Category V sunroom.

Installation and Preparation

What resources will I receive to assist with sunroom kit installation?
CAD Drawings are provided for every project. Our engineers will work up a full permit package including a RESCheck for each sunroom kit. We also provide an instruction manual with each kit.

What tools will I need to install the sunroom kit?
A full list of required tools is provided in the instruction manual. General construction tools will be required, since there are parts that will need to be cut down and modified in the field.

Can the sunroom be installed on an existing patio or deck?
This depends on the condition and size of the current deck. In order to use this kit as a year-round room, the foundation will need to be insulated to meet local code. We can provide engineered drawings of the foundation for the contractor installing the kit.

What are the typical costs for site preparation before installing the sunroom kit?
Site preparation varies with each project. There will be work needed for the foundation, as well as roof and exterior wall prep. These costs can range from 20-40% of the sunroom kit.

Legal and Practical Considerations

Will I be required to pull a permit for my sunroom?
Sunroom Living provide a full permit package with each kit. The permit package will use all local building code requirements to ensure the permit will be sufficient. It is never recommended to do significant work on your home without pulling the proper permits. Some towns do not require you to pull permits.

Do I need professional assistance or an architect for my sunroom project?
We do recommend using a contractor if you are not familiar with basic construction practices. Our rooms are designed for a DIY Homeowner. Our designers work with you throughout the entire process.

Getting Information and Pricing

How can I obtain more information and get a price quote for a sunroom kit?
A brochure can be sent to you by filling out our easy online form. You
can also request a phone call, where you’ll speak with a designer about your room. A price quote can be determined after a quick and free Preliminary Design Consultation, where we’ll collect all the information needed to price your sunroom.

How is my room shipped to me? Will I have to store it on site before installation?
All of our kits are shipped in a box truck/trailer. Everything is safely and securely palletized, then shipped directly to your location. Once the room arrives, it will need to be unloaded either by hand or with a pallet jack. We coordinate shipping to arrive when you are ready for installation.

Whether you are looking to add a sunroom to your home for relaxation, entertainment, or as a beautiful extension of your living space, Sunroom Living has the perfect solution for you. With our customizable and durable sunroom kits, you can enjoy the beauty of the outdoors while being protected from the elements all year round. Don’t wait any longer; get in touch with us to start your sunroom project today!


Sunroom Kit Questions & Answers - Sunroom Kits Provider

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Find answers to all your sunroom kit questions. Explore FAQs on customization, installation, durability, and more. Transform your home with Sunroom Living’s premium kits.

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