Both practical and beautiful, sunrooms allow you to spend more time outdoors without sacrificing your indoor comfort. And you’re able to enjoy them year-round – even when it’s cold outside or when the weather isn’t ideal for spending time outdoors! A sunroom adds charm, warmth and value to any home.

Pre-Built Sunroom Kits: Enhance your living space with pre-built sunroom kits that effortlessly blend into your property, adding both beauty and functionality.

Discover the flexibility of our all-inclusive year-round sunrooms and enclosures. These sunroom packages are perfect for DIY enthusiasts looking to personalize their space.

Exceptional Wood Beam Construction: Our signature wood beam construction not only adds beauty but also provides superior energy efficiency, keeping your Lake Station sunroom comfortable.


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Lake Station, Indiana

Lake Station is a small city in Lake County, Indiana, known for its working-class community and affordability. Situated near Lake Michigan, the city offers a relaxed suburban lifestyle. Landmarks in Lake Station include Riverview Park, providing playgrounds and recreational areas, and Veterans Memorial Park, dedicated to honoring veterans. The Lake Station Historical Society Museum showcases the city’s history and heritage. While not directly in Lake Station, Gibson Woods Nature Preserve in Hammond offers hiking and environmental education. The city’s convenient location and access to natural areas make it an appealing choice for those seeking a close-knit community with outdoor recreational opportunities.